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10 Common Electrical Problems Around The Home

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It is important to be able to recognise electrical problems and their causes around the home. This is not only to protect you, but also your family, and your house itself. Here, the team at Zane Dick Electrical in Bundaberg have created a guide to help you identify the ten most common electrical problems around the home.


Electric shocks

  • Electric shocks most commonly occur when you’re plugging or unplugging a device in to/out of a socket. The cause can lie with the device itself and its wiring, or the plug socket. 


Circuit overcrowding

  • Another common cause of electrical problems around the home is crowding a circuit with too many wires and devices. This usually leads to dips or breaks in power.


Power dips

  • Power dips are caused by a substantial increase in load on a circuit, but this can be resolved by simply unplugging some devices.


Power line damage

  • If there is damage to the power lines outside your house, you may experience issues with your electricity supply, including flickering or buzzing lights and frequent circuit breaker trips. Contacting an electrician as soon as possible is essential here as power lines should not be handled by someone without expert knowledge.


Faulty electrical wiring

  • Another cause of dodgy electricity can be faulty electrical wiring within the house, such as frayed wires or tripped breaker circuits. Contact an electrician if you feel like this may be the root cause of your issue, as it's not safe to try and fix it without professional know-how.


Excessive lighting

  • This occurs if the lightbulb you are trying to use is too strong (too high a wattage). If the correct wattage bulb isn't used, electrical fires can be caused by the light melting the electrical wires of the fitting.


Uncovered fuse box

  • If uncovered, a person could inadvertently damage the wires or get a shock from the fuse box. Electricians, such as ourselves at Zane Dick Electrical, are trained to install fuse box coverings, so don't hesitate to contact us about this.


Temperamental outdoor lights

  • If you have outdoor lights in your garden that are constantly turning on and off, this can be a sign of an electrical issue. Wires become frayed over time, and arcing wires can cause fires if they come into contact with one another. Expert electricians can help you identify problem wires and replace all faulty wires safely.


No residual current circuit breaker

  • This device detects if there is an electrical break within your home or low voltage, so if you don't currently have one, we'd recommend having a residual current circuit breaker installed.


High electricity bills

  • High electricity bills are usually caused by too much electricity being used in the home. An electrician can help you identify which rooms and devices are sapping the most power.


If you are experiencing any of these electrical issues or have any further enquiries, please contact the friendly and professional team at Zane Dick Electrical for more advice.

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