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Switchboard Upgrades

At Zane Dick Electrical & Air Conditioning, we can upgrade your property’s switchboard to bring it into the 21st century. Upgrading is a legal requirement when modifying your switchboard – but it’s also helpful beyond this. Your switchboard is primarily responsible for distributing mains electricity throughout your property, meaning it sustains much wear and tear over time and may become less efficient, or at risk of becoming faulty.

Homes and businesses today use more appliances than ever, so it’s essential that you upgrade your switchboard to sustain a growing number of connections. For a free quote on switchboard upgrades, contact us today.

Electrician Checking Switchboard

The Switchboard Upgrade Process

The first step to upgrading your switchboard is booking an upgrade. Many people upgrade their switchboards upon noticing electrical issues on their property, including overcrowded wiring, blown fuses, sparking power points, and more. Whatever your reasons for getting in touch with Zane Dick Electrical & Air Conditioning, we can give you a free, no-obligation quote for upgrading your switchboard. Our prices are competitive and accessible, allowing us to deliver our service to as many people as possible.

Once you accept a quote, we will send out one of our qualified electricians to your property, who will perform a quick inspection of your switchboard to check for any obvious issues which warrant a quick fix. The specific upgrades you receive depend upon the switchboard’s current condition and your usual energy needs. If you’re hoping to increase your electrical use, for example, we can upgrade your system to handle more connections. One of our main priorities is to check the property’s wiring quality, as this is quite a common cause of electrical faults and rewiring significantly reduces this risk.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Switchboard

As the switchboard is at the core of your property’s electrical system, it’s paramount that you update it to make sure everything stays up to code. Minimum safety standards have changed over time – this means your home might be unsafe or have negligent wiring without you realising it. If the switchboard develops a fault, this has a clear impact on the entire building’s electrical connections, so a preemptive upgrade is often a good choice. On top of this, power requirements for any property have grown over time, and a switchboard upgrade could be necessary to handle the additional load.

Servicing your switchboard can also replace outdated ceramic fuses, and remove any asbestos that might have been a part of its original construction as switchboards used it for the backing panels as late as 2003. Upgrades can protect the property, and its occupants, from electrical faults and failures while simultaneously limiting the risk of a fire developing. Older wiring is more likely to fail, and replacing it entirely can be the only way to make sure the building’s electrical systems are safe. This also boosts the lifespan of any electrical appliances – letting them work more efficiently and reducing the amount of strain placed on them.

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During our recent house renovations and rewiring, Zane and Scott from Zane Dick Electrical were very reliable, polite and did a great job cleaning up. I would highly recommend them.

Kim Moyle