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Experienced Residential Electricians Bundaberg

Residential electrical services simply have to be done right, because your family’s safety is at stake, and because so many activities around the home depend on it. Our expert residential electricians at Zane Dick Electrical will ensure all home electrical work is completed quickly and professionally.

In addition to any kind of cabling you need to be done, we can also install smoke alarms and RCD safety switches to your home.

Been thinking about installing a new lighting scheme, trendy pendants or sleek downlights to modernise your home? We can give an expert opinion about what's going to be the best solution for each room, and work with you to achieve exactly what you have in mind.

We can also look after new installations of power points, hot plates, ovens, refrigerators, hot water systems, computer systems and all other home electrical services you'll need, and we'll provide expert advice as part of every job we complete for you.


Fault-Finding & Electrical Maintenance

Should you have any kind of problem with electrical wiring or devices in your home, our fault-finding service will pinpoint the problem quickly for you, and we can then recommend the best course of action to rectify the issue. At the first sign of any electrical problem in your home, contact Zane Dick Electrical so that no potentially dangerous issue is left unattended.

Whatever kind of residential electrical service or repairs you need, Zane Dick Electrical can provide fast, professional advice and service. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have about your home electrical needs or to schedule an appointment to evaluate any kind of residential electrical service that you require.


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For any kind of residential electrical service you may need, or if you have any questions, contact us today at Zane Dick Electrical.

Specialist Electrical Contractors Budaberg

During our recent house renovations and rewiring, Zane and Scott from Zane Dick Electrical were very reliable, polite and did a great job cleaning up. I would highly recommend them.

Kim Moyle