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Experienced Commercial Electrical Contractors

Over our many years in the industry, Zane Dick Electrical has successfully completed commercial electrical projects, both large and small for repeat clientele who return to us again and again for our expertise and professionalism.

Here are some reasons why you should entrust the electrical requirements of your next commercial electrical project to us.


Commercial Electrical Experts 

Over the years our team of commercial electrical contractors has gained the skills, knowledge, and experience to become known throughout Bundaberg and surrounding areas as the go-to specialists in the commercial sector.


We Have Completed Local & State Projects

We specialise in large electrical contracting projects for major commercial enterprises and have successfully completed many projects on a frequent basis for organisations such as

  • Queensland Government
  • Ergon Energy
  • Bundaberg Regional Council
  • Downer Group


Experienced Commercial Contractors

We have the staffing to support your commercial project; large or small. All of our commercial electrical contractors have the skills and experience to complete projects of every type. Our commercial electricians also hold the necessary licenses to work at any job site, including high-risk job sites.


We Are Professionals

Our clients can be confident that all electrical services we undertake for their project will be completed to the highest standard by highly skilled electricians, on time and on budget, and to your specifications. This is our guarantee to you.

All contract jobs we undertake are completed using only new equipment and materials that meet all legal requirements.

Because of our extensive experience in commercial electrical contracting, we are very confident in our ability to meet your specifications, your deadlines, and your budget requirements.


Our commercial electrical services

At Zane Dick Electrical & Air Conditioning, we carry out commercial electrical services for civil works and other commercial projects. Our commercial electrical services include the installation and maintenance of civil electricity including traffic lights, lighting, and switchboards. Our experienced electricians have worked on a number of commercial projects of varying scales and types and can work closely with you to ensure that your commercial electrical installations are performing well no matter what.

Our commercial electrical services include work on:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Cabling
  • Switchboards
  • Electrical layouts
  • Road electrical equipment
  • Traffic lights
  • Bridgework

And much more. Contact us at Zane Dick Electrical & Air Conditioning to find out more about our commercial electrical contractors in Bundaberg.


Why work with our electrical contractors?

We understand that the best teams offer a diverse range of strengths and specialties, which is why we work with contractors with years of experience in a wide range of sectors and industries. Work with our electrical contractors and take advantage of decades of expertise. We employ a large number of contractors who can take on any project of any scale, and all of our contractors are vetted for their skills and professionalism. We only employ trained contractors who meet our high standards for work in every job they do, but our pool of contractors is large enough to accommodate even the biggest projects.

To find out more about what our electrical contractors could do for you, call us today at Zane Dick Electrical & Air Conditioning and we’ll be happy to discuss our expertise and services with you.



If you’ve got questions about our commercial electrical services in Bundaberg, read our most frequently asked questions below or get in touch with us to ask a question of your own.

Do I need to hire a licensed electrician?

Yes, every time. Australia actually has regulations dictating who can work with electrical cables and sockets, designed to ensure the safety of those people carrying out such work as well as anyone who might go on to use the electrical fixtures in the future. On commercial premises, it's especially important to ensure all electrical work is carried out by experienced electrical contractors, to keep your staff and customers safe, and to protect yourself from potential legal troubles.


How much do commercial electrical contractors in Bundaberg cost

The cost of your work will depend on how many contractors you need as well as the complexity and scale of the project. To get an accurate quote for the work that you need to do, simply call us today and we'll be happy to talk through our pricing with you.


How often should I get my commercial electrics serviced

Generally speaking, commercial electrics should be serviced more regularly than residential electrics, in part because they usually undergo heavier use and also to ensure that owners are protected from potential legal claims. For this reason, having your commercial electrics serviced by licensed electrical contractors every 6 to 12 months is advisable.


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