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Operational smoke alarms won't just keep you safe, they'll also prevent fines and penalties. At Zane Dick Electrical, we know the reliance you put on your smoke alarms. When something goes wrong or you want to check your alarms, you need to hire electrical experts who will do the job perfectly. From troubleshooting or repairs to quality installations, our team is on hand to deliver smoke alarm solutions that exceed your expectations.


Smoke Alarm Professionals

Backed by years of experience in the industry, the team at Zane Dick Electrical is on hand to provide expert advice and reliable smoke alarm installations. We'll guide you through the entire process, suggesting the best area for placement and when a replacement alarm might be needed. We come fully insured and licensed, so you'll have confidence we'll go about our work with the greatest care and the least impact on your schedule. All our repair and installation work comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know we stand by the quality of what we do.

When you choose us for your smoke alarm needs, our partnership doesn't end once we've installed or replaced your alarm. We'll provide any aftercare tips you might need, including when to test your alarms, how to identify problems, and what to do if something's wrong. What's more, we're always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your new system, so get in touch and we'll respond as soon as we can.


Quality Smoke Alarm Installations

At Zane Dick Electrical, your safety is important to us. That's why we'll never neglect a smoke alarm installation or repair. All our smoke alarms meet Queensland standards, to guarantee you and your family the best protection possible.

Sometimes our clients aren't sure how many smoke alarms they'll need for their homes. We usually recommend:

  • 1 bedroom: 2 alarms
  • 2 bedrooms: 3 alarms
  • 3 bedrooms: 4 alarms
  • 4 bedrooms: 6 alarms

When you book with us, our team will consider your unique home and circumstances and will go into more detailed information. We'll also offer an individualised quote following our consultation, which will take into account the size of your home and the number of alarms you'll need to stay safe.


The Law In Queensland

Functional smoke alarms aren't just "nice to have", they're actually a legal requirement. From 1 January 2022, if you rent or are selling a property, you're required to install interconnected smoke alarms. If one of these alarms goes off, they all go off, giving you and your family time to get out safely.

If you're an existing homeowner, you'll have until 1 January 2027 to install these alarms. They need to be photo-centric, less than 10 years old and operate as a hardwired or battery-powered alarm with a non-removable 10-year battery. You must ensure smoke alarms are installed:

  • on every storey
  • in every bedroom
  • in connecting hallways
  • between bedrooms and other parts of the storey
  • in the most likely exit paths

If you have any queries about your legal obligations, get in touch with us today.


Get In Touch

When you need a new smoke alarm, choose Zane Dick Electrical. We have outstanding electrical experts at the ready to simplify the installation process and ensure all work is done in line with Queensland legislation. Put your trust in our professional team. Simply give us a call on 0438 597 286 or fill in our online quote form.