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Signs Your Bundaberg Home Needs An Electrician Now

Warning of electrical shock sign - warning sign!

An electrician in Bundaberg is called on for many different types of electrical jobs. Doing electrical DIY is never recommended because it can be dangerous and even deadly. When you need a quality electrician, you need Zane Dick Electrical

We are experts in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work and can help you diagnose and repair problems you may be having in your property. Here are some times when you need to call us immediately. 


Flickering Lights

You may not think this is such a big deal, other than being annoying. However, flickering lights indicate that you could be overloading your electrical circuit. That tells you that you don’t have enough power in a single circuit for running lights and appliances at the same time. This leads to overloading, which can be dangerous. In this case, you’ll need a new power supply to the circuit.


Strange Sounds

If you ever hear odd noises coming from your electrical system, you need to call us right away. This is usually a buzzing sound and can be heard near an outlet or light switch. It usually means you have a loose connection or faulty wiring. You may even have burning or corrosion to deal with so this is something that needs to be addressed immediately. 


Electrical Shocks

You should never feel a shock when you plug something in or flip a light switch in your home. This is dangerous and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Electrical shocks usually indicate that there’s a short circuit somewhere in your electrical system. You might also be dealing with electrical components that have lost their insulation or are worn out and need to be replaced. Warmth around the light fixtures in your ceiling can also be caused by a similar issue. Call us right away if you get shocked using your electrical outlets or switches. 


Discolouration Around Switches & Outlets

This discolouration may mean there was a small fire behind the fixture. This usually happens with older electrical systems because they are more likely to create a short circuit that results in a spark. A loose wire can also cause the spark that starts this type of fire. These burn marks are a big red flag that you need to call us right away. Never let this problem go as it can result in larger issues that can be dangerous. 

If you are experiencing issues and you need an electrician in Bundaberg, call Zane Dick Electrical to get a quote.

Specialist Electrical Contractors Bundaberg

During our recent house renovations and rewiring, Zane and Scott from Zane Dick Electrical were very reliable, polite and did a great job cleaning up. I would highly recommend them.

Kim Moyle